The Cell - Health and Fitness

More than a Gym. In the heart of Sunderland's newest precinct.

A bespoke class-based studio in the heart of Sunderland City Centre (Keel Square)

The concept has been born out of the buildings previous usage, Sunderland’s Police Station for over 40 years. The building is steeped in history and we have paid homage to that by creating a Cell like feel in our Studio. This unique space will leave you feeling like you’ve served some real time in our hub for for health, fitness and wellness. Its time to bring back community to a Sunderland landmark and pass sentence on a new chapter.

Timetable / Schedule

Find out more about our class schedule in our downloadable timetable.

Our Classes

YARD STRONG Our Strength class designed on developing muscular strength and hypertrophy. Using a mixture of dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and body weight exercises, this class is there to help you move well and look good. BOOK NOW

Move through a dynamic flow to build heat and then find more static, deep stretches, enhancing flexibility. Lots of options available for all levels of ability. Finally, we take a few moments of stillness to ground, calm and relax, leaving you renewed and invigorated.


A gentle flow followed by some static postures to develop flexibility and balance. Take time to embrace stillness, meditate and ground. This class is most suited to those looking for a mellow flow and you will then feel rested and revitalised.


Spinning on a stationary bike focusing on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity and recovery.

Hot Pursuit ‘the urgent and direct pursuit of a criminal suspect by law enforcement officers’ BOOK NOW

FIGHT CLUB   Lead by one of the UK’s best UFC fighters Justin Burlinson A fitness session covering boxing footwork, combos fitness and strength and conditioning. Be trained by the best BOOK NOW

A balanced blend of strength and flexibility training that improves posture, reduce stress and create lean, long muscle.

A staple for moving well and feeling good. BOOK NOW

Our interpretation of metabolic conditioning using a mixture of functional exercise and conditioning.

Think assault bike, rower, skii erg and functional strength exercise. BOOK NOW

Pricing / Memberships

Unlimited monthly class membership


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Class Passes

Block of 3 classes – £20

Block of 10 classes – £65 Single session (30m express) – £6 Signature session (45m/1hr) – £7.50

from £6

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3 month up-front membership


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I park?

Before 8am (Monday-Friday) you can park on the street which is behind The Yard building. We are told Traffic Attendants do not patrol the area until 8am. After 8am alternative City Centre parking must be used. The closest car parks to us are St. Mary’s car park, which is only a 5 minute walk across the road. It is reduced to £1 per hour after 6pm, or we have Riverside car park which is also around a 5 minute walk and costs 90p per hour after 6pm. There is free parking at all times in Halfords/Home Bargains car park which is around a 10 minute walk but this is limited to 2 hours. If you are attending classes on a Saturday you can use The Yard car park which is located just at the side of our building, however you must arrive 10 minutes before the start time to allow the instructor to let you in the barrier.

2. How can I access the building?

The entrance to The Cell is located in the Car Park to the side of the building, you will see the sign to The Cell clearly. When you book a class you will be emailed a code and then you can enter the gate and access the stairs down to the basement of the building where we are located.

3. How can I join?

We have multiple packages available ranging from single class payment, class passes and unlimited monthly memberships. All information can be found on our website pages and social media. If you wish to join simply hit one of our join now tabs across the website.

4. Who can come?

We are open to all members of the public from the age of 18.

5. Do you have lockers and showers?

We have multiple lockers available in our changing rooms (only a code you make up is needed to operate) and we also have individual showers and changing areas.

6. Once joined how can I book classes?

Once you have joined on the package you feel is best for you, all bookings and cancellations can be done via our free member app.

7. What can I do if the class I want to book is full?

We operate a waiting list on all of our classes, so add your name to the waiting list and then if someone else cancels a class, an email will be sent to everyone on the waiting list to offer a place. its simply the first to hit the link will complete the booking. If you arent the first to hit it, you will simply remain on the waiting list until another space becomes available.

8. How do I cancel a class and what happens to my credit?

All classes can be cancelled through you member booking app. We kindly ask that you give as much notice as possible with a cancellation so someone else may benefit from the place. If you have bought a single class session or one of our class pass bundles a credit will be returned back to you member account so you can use this another day.

9. How do I cancel a membership?

Should you wish to terminate a monthly membership you will need to email [email protected] to give 30 days notice. She will reply back with confirmation of your cancellation and a final payment date. Should you cancel at the bank without notice, extra charges will be incurred.

Find Us

The Cell The Yard Gillbridge Avenue SR1 3AW